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Different services that PMP can provide our clients with

HR Solution Services

PMP can provide HR solutions to any aspects of HR matters that we consider the most appropriate solutions for our clients. Our services cover everything from solving employee labor issues to delivering successful HR strategic plans that positively impact their organization.

HR Policy Making Services

PMP can assist our clients in creating HR related policies such as the Rules of Employment in both Japanese and English (if required).

HR Advisory Services

PMP can help clients build essential HR frameworks such as compensation structures, evaluation process and time management systems. We can also assist in reviewing, monitoring and managing these frameworks as part of continuous consultancy services.

HR Infrastructure Services

PMP can help our clients review their HR structure, systems and framework, and implement the latest HR best practice for efficient labor management.

PMP News

PMP regularly issues news-letters detailing the latest HR and labor-law related information with our independent analysis.

Message from the CEO

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masa suzuki

Companies today need to re-evaluate their existing organizational structures to create a more flexible and diverse workplace for their employees. This re-evaluation is essential to take on the challenges facing Japan from a shrinking internal workforce and an aging population. Key to tackling these challenges will be the better recognition and utilization of skills that women and non-Japanese employees bring to an organization. In addition to the structural changes, there is a growing change in employees’ attitudes to work and work life balance. PMP can assist your organization in reviewing current structures and guide you through the re-evaluation process to create the workplace where all employees have the opportunity to utilize their skills, increase performance and balance their work-life (“People Management”).

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PMP has obtained certifications that we provide reliable and secure information management framework for our clients.

Company Overview

Yokohama is a city where many foreign affiliates establish their offices. Supporting both Western and Japanese organizations for twenty-five years, PMP believes that our expertise and knowledge will give our clients professional HR advice to support their long-term business.

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