What is Unique about PMP?

Caliber and Experience of Staff

・Holders of the special labor and social security attorneys license
・HR professionals who have previously held head of HR roles in Japanese and foreign affiliate organizations in Japan.

Special Skilled Staff

Native English Speakers / Bilingual Staff
Staff who are able to provide HR consultation services relating to Japanese labor laws and regulations, in English.

Business Track Record

Since its establishment in 1994, PMP has been providing HR consultation services to over 500 companies in Japan.

Innovative Initiatives

PMP brings the latest innovations in global HR initiatives to its clients.


PMP will respond to clients within 48 hours of their request.

PMP can offer four main consulting services through which we provide our clients professional HR services and solutions across all aspects of HR to help them meet their business needs.

PMP can Provide HR Solutions
that Support Organizations to Meet Their Compliance Requirements

Japanese labor laws and regulations are complicated and constantly changing.
A successful approach today may not be valid under revised labor laws and regulations or in the event of new judicial decisions.
At the same time, employees’ attitudes towards work and work-life balance have changed significantly in recent years. Working environments or conditions considered satisfactory in the past may not be so in the future, resulting in serious labor disputes.

Through consultation with the client, PMP will determine the underlying HR issues and potential legal risks to the organization. We provide HR solutions to our clients to help ensure they are in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

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HR Related Registration Support when Establishing a Company

Our experienced labor and social security attorneys assist our clients in various HR matters.
These include candidate search, completing required HR registrations under the labor laws and social insurance laws and ordinances when establishing a company.

IPO・M&A・Organizational Changes –Assessment and Verification

Prior to be listed as a public company, organizations need to comply with strict regulatory requirements. These include ensuring that existing Rules of Employment and other HR policies are compliant with current Laws and that any outstanding HR related balances such as unpaid overtime allowances have been fully paid.

During the M&A process, for instance, there is a chance that a company has hidden labor related credits that do not appear in their financial statement.

PMP has special labor and social security attorneys who can assist clients with situations listed above. We can also help them deal with inspections by the labor standards inspection office / other labor administration offices, or handle individual labor disputes or negotiations with external labor unions.

In addition, PMP can assist our clients in obtaining a worker-dispatch business license or a recruitment agency license, or establishing a special subsidiary company that hires employees with special needs.

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Creating and Revising
HR Related Policies

PMP can assist our clients in creating HR related policies ensuring they are compliant with the latest labor laws and regulations within the framework of their existing organizational structure.
HR related policies include but are not limited to the Rules of Employment, compensation policy, labor-management agreements and employment contracts.

Translating HR Policies to English
– Part of Reflections on Globalization

PMP has bilingual consultants who can explain the Rules of Employment and other HR policies to non-Japanese employees. We can also give the non-Japanese employees an overview of Japanese employment practices to help them transition into a Japanese organization smoothly.

Work-Style Reform / Creating HR Policies
for a More Flexible and Diverse Workplace

Our experienced HR consultants and special labor and social security attorneys will help our clients build an HR structure that supports their diversity and inclusion strategy in the organization.

1. Introducing Various Work Structures

As is the case in many western countries, particularly in the EU, Japanese companies are now required to provide various work structures that offer employees the flexibility to work outside the workplace or designated working hours. PMP can assist our clients to review and revise their current labor management processes and amend HR policies to accommodate the changes in work structures.

●Discretionary labor system for professional work
●Discretionary labor system for planning-types of work
●System for Highly professionals who are considered to have specialized job skills
●System for work outside their designated work location
●System for Interval-work, in which workers are given a minimum amount of rest between working days
●Variable working hours
●Shift work

2. Review Work Structures to Comply with the Working Time Arrangements Improvement Law

3. Management Training for Employees in a Supervisory Role

Significant changes to work structures has made it difficult for HR to maintain a centralized role for monitoring all employee in the organization.< This has meant that employees in a supervisory role must develop insight and labor management knowledge to fulfill this role.
PMP can provide management training to these employees to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities.

4. Dealing with Harassment

For many organizations, harassment is the most common labor issue. Therefore, it is important that companies have established harassment policies and escalation processes in place to ensure employees feel confident to raise issues, and the organization has the appropriate means to handle them. PMP can help clients create the necessary policies and appropriate escalation processes as well as advise on how to deal with harassment issues.

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New HR Framework for Better Performance at Work

PMP can assist our clients with providing an overall People Management service where they manage a flexible work environment and diverse talent management structures for their employees.
Significant changes to work structures in an organization has meant that a single HR evaluation process on the premise that all employees are full-time employees may not be applicable.
PMP can assist our clients in reviewing their various employee types to tailor appropriate performance management processes.

Compensation and Retirement Allowance Structures
that Suit Organization

Organizations need flexible and transparent compensation and retirement allowance structures to cater for various employment types, and support the principle of “equal pay for equal work” concept.

Hiring and Retention

To compensate for the shrinking talent pool in the market, and maintain stability in the organization, it is critical to maximize the use of skills and knowledge of employees and ensure the right individual is in the right role.
PMP can help our clients find the right candidate for the right role, and can provide professional advice on successful job rotation management and retention strategies for the organization.

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PMP can introduce experienced HR candidates, dispatch temporary HR staff to our clients or provide necessary training for existing HR staff.
We can also help our clients implement and manage cloud-based HR systems based on their business needs and requirements.

HR Support:
Cloud-based HR Systems

PMP can help clients implement the most effective cloud-based HR systems they need to manage employees’ work attendance and compensation.
Using cloud-based HR systems helps the organization to effectively perform overall labor management at a reduced cost through outsourcing.

Services for Dispatching or Recruiting HR Professionals

PMP holds appropriate licenses for dispatching or finding experienced HR professionals selected by PMP to assist clients for temporary periods.
This can help organizations in times of peak work demands or special projects.

Trainings for HR Staff

HR staff of our clients are welcome to join a monthly HR study group held by PMP. Our study group focuses on various topics relating to HR and the labor management.
Attendees can join these study groups in person or via video conference.

I want to know more about a project based contract or an HR advisory contract with PMP


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