People are the most valuable assets in any organization.

An organization that hires and retain highly valuable employees, and creates a workplace that allows all employees to fully utilize their professional skills and knowledge can overcome business difficulties and achieve its business goals.

PMP stands for People Management Professional.  We are a group of HR professionals who provide clients with the best labor management solutions across all aspects of HR matters to meet their business needs.

Since our foundation in 1994, PMP has been supporting foreign affiliates in Japan. Our service has been to provide them with professional advice on HR policies and Japanese labor management matters.  We have assisted them to adjust their home country based HR framework to a local structure, ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations in Japan. In addition, we have guided Japanese organizations through their transformations to meet global standards.

PMP has developed deep understanding of both western and Japanese organizations. We believe that our expertise and knowledge can provide professional advice that fit our client’s business needs. We are pleased to have been recognized for our service to foreign affiliates as a significant support in achieving HR solutions, and has now attracted the attention of the Japanese companies.

Organizations face a significant paradigm shift in the 21st century. PMP is confident that the expertise we have gained since our founding can be an asset to any organization shifting towards globalization.

PMP employs HR professionals who have worked in a broad range of foreign and Japanese companies. Our group also employs certified social insurance and labor attorneys who hold the national license unique in Human Resources. With broad expertise, excessive insight, high level of language skills, and wide-ranging networks, PMP will provide the overall “People Management” service to every client we support.